Announcing future give away

Two books of the trilogy has already seen the light.

The Malefic Time community is large and passionate, so we would like to organize a series of events in which everyone can participate.

As soon as we get to 9000 “Likes” on the facebook page we will give out 9 prints signed by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo.

If you ever wanted to have a “Royo” this is your chance.

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Once more the International Comic Fair in Barcelona

A big hello to all of you who have been able to attend the signatures session of your books at the Comic Fair in Barcelona and big thanks to Norma Editorial and all the organizers who made this event possible.

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This very special a treasure.

Today I share with you something very special a treasure that I keep with great fondness.Two letters received from Allen, Yes, you hear right! Allen Dallas.

Our lives and fate would have us come together, if Allen had not appeared in my life, it would not have been the same. I have discovered a world full of obstacles and darkness but also of hope and dreams, he has made me feel alive.

Thanks Allen, and forgive me for having doubted of your existence, now I always carry you with me, you’re as real as Luis, my inseparable companion.

1st Letter

“My name is Allen Dallas. I was born in New York on December 30, 2021. I

lived the Apocalipse. I’ve done my part in the course of these events

that must change the way we conceive existence. Now

I pass the baton. My notes will serve for clarification for anyone who has the

determination and courage to face their content. It is necessary that this story is

written. The task ahead is enormous. I choose you because only a

madman understands another madman. Things must happen in this way. I’m just an

emissary who knows the date of his death. Open this letter because, like me, you

have been chosen. I warn you: your life will never be the same. I enclose the address

which you can visit if you want more answers. I know we will see together again. “

Header of the first letter received by Luis Royo

in their studio of Zaragoza in 1992


2nd Letter

“Dear Mr. Royo:

Probably the letters are not getting through, since I do not recieve response from you. It is becoming harder for me to keep telling my story. They are spying on all my correspondence. I am sure that many of the letters dont reach you. I know that for sure, since the doctors ask me for things that I never mentioned to them.

I have a partner. You can see his name as the sender of this letter. The only friend excepting you, that I could find in all this years. As it is not usual sneaking the correspondence from other inmates, I have thought that from now on we will Write throught him.

Sometimes I think about whether humanity deserves the event that we know. To the most of the people or rather herd… are afraid that something will disturb their routine. Their fear of a change in the world is such that even if they are disagree with what they have, they will attack anyone who dare to shake their society. The fear of the unknown dominates them… They cruelly assault anyone who want to change what we have; which, by the way, is not that good. That is how I understand this persecution and isolation to me and to my writings in this cold and empty rooms, considered crazy by these inept psychiatrists.

So, we will exchange the letters throught my partner when you visit Cienpozuelos. I know that you already moved to Madrid with your son Romulo as we agreed, for this commendable work. It’s time to meet him too as I perceive he has his doubts. I don’t blame him, I also have them. But it’s him, who will be able to make sense why I’m here with you in 2010 if I was born in 2021. I have also read pages of Vilches that you sent me reciently, they are filled with intensity. I suggest that he make part of our team. I would like to meet you both, althought it is not appropiate. Later, at the propper time. I’m glad that all our conversations are getting solid. I just regret the knowledge that no matter how hard we try, the world will only see in all this a work of fiction. However, they will not believe us otherwise. They already call us crazy. They have already locked us down. If all of this would been told otherwise, we would be dead already.”

Letter received in the studio of Calle San Romualdo # 21 7D. Madrid. May 10, 2010.

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Great Napoli Comicon

Great Napoli Comicon. Beautiful Napoli.

Thanks to the public for their hospitality and the organization and publisher for your attention.

And back, soon a new meeting, signatures and presentation of 110 KATANAS, Malefic Time at Comic Fair in Barcelona.

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110 Katanas at Napoli Comicon

Presentation of 110 Katanas at Napoli Comicon, from 1 to 4 of may, in addition to conferences and signatures. You will be able to find us at the stand Rizzoli Lizard.

Napoli Comicon 2014

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