Back from Malaga

Thanks to all that could attend to the signatures, to Marian and to all the organization of Animacomic for this special days we spent with the breeze of Malaga.

Animacomic, Malaga

Animacomic, Malaga

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Interview on RTVE

Interview on RTVE by Jesus Jimenez to Luis Royo and Romulo Royo at Animacomic, Malaga.

Luis Royo and Romulo are two of today’s most valued artists in the world, true visionaries who have exhibited in the best galleries and have led to new territories in illustration. And their current work, Malefic Time (Norma) is the most ambitious media project in the history of comics and illustration.

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110 Katanas Portada, Luis Royo & Romulo Royo

Have you ever been afraid?

Have you ever been afraid? Really afraid? That fear that makes you shake your whole body and nullifies any thought other than the desperate need to escape?

If you have to stop and think the answer that is because you haven’t. Few have felt it, actually. Because that intense fear that paralyzes, the fear that surrounds the heart and makes you want to die is never forgotten.


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Comic Salon in Malaga, ANIMACOMIC

On 5 and 6 July at the comic salon in Malaga, Animacomic, Luis Royo and Romulo Royo will perform a presentation of the second book of Malefic Time series, 110 Katanas, in addition to giving a talk and make signatures.

For schedules you can visit:

Cartel Animacomic 2014

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They were walking by the streets full of paintings on the doors. There were weird symbols on the walls, symbolic strokes on the floor and hanged pieces of cloth with emblems. In their advance they found a trace of blood. They looked in front: on a dark passage celtic symbols mixed with chinese kanji stood out on the facade of a building. That combination of symbols was not normal. Luz wanted to investigate.

Boceto Samurais

The end of the passage draws a light like a star at night. All enter in steady pace following Luz which advances decisively. The samurai draw their weapons. Maybe Luz ignores the dangers of the district … they do not.

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Malefic arrives to Paris …

Recently an exhibition took place in Paris, at the gallery Huberty & Breyne. Among multiple exhibits should be noted a collection dedicated to Malefic Time, we leave you with some pictures of the event.

Exposición en la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.
Firmas y fotos en la exposición de la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.
Exposición en la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.
Exposición en la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.
Exposición en la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.
Luis Royo en la exposición de la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.


Luz: Here I do not need presentation. Here all await my arrival. I’m the one that still has doubts. Yukiko is the director. Soum told me about it. I’m in this place and with those people that led her to me … but I am back without her.

 110 KATANAS left the workshop. Luz left to Japan with that Onis, Yokay, those new samurai and the fanatics who have a katana for lover, silver and cutting edge on one side and burning penis on the other. Now she is with you. Now it is time again to immerse ourselves in a new Malefic Time.



Like tourists with the sandwich in the backpack and winter shoes to replace good hiking boots. Ridiculous and small among these mountains.

 Why am I here with this storyteller? I keep thinking that I’ve left my days of hospital treatment only to listen this crazy talk of witches in the eighteenth century. What relation does it have with his timeless story of Luz? He claims to have lived in 2038 . In addition, in all the talks of the last year he only spoke of events in Tokyo and an order of katanas. 110 katanas in the hands of so many religious fanatics.

 And suddenly the American brings me here. These caves, Zugarramurdi. According to him, here will occur very important event for Malefic. But later. After passing through Tokyo. After …

- The Hoary.


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