Signatures of the second book Malefic Time, 110 Katanas by Luis Royo & Rómulo Royo.

Signatures and presentation of the second book 110 Katanas from Malefic Time series by Luis Royo and Rómulo Royo at the International Barcelona Comic Fair.

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Musical work for Malefic Time by Nacho Cano

Musical work composed by Nacho Cano for Malefic Time project.

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Cult of 13 Moons

Primitive metal

Blood – Female – Regeneration

The Big Cauldron

The impoverished sunset light cuts them in line.

There are eight girls. They stand in formation.

Frozen in a pose that makes them look like porcelain dolls army. They line up in a large courtyard, perfect, square plan. They are facing a wall full of small squares of wood. The place has a Spartan austerity. Only a few bowls and large canvases of cloth can be noticed in that sober space. Only them, without adornment, no more objects. The position is firm and the hands are joined as if to formulate a prayer. From their lips escapes a vibrant sound like a mantra. A little black dress as a ceremonial cloth pants falls in front of their legs. From it, as if a paradox of nature is involved, looks out a phallic erect rod that breaks its exquisite vertical line.

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110 Katanas Graphic Work

Since the second book of Malefic Time is right around the corner, Laberinto Gris puts at your disposal two limited edition graphic works signed by the authors. Both are part of “110 Katanas”.

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Lilith, sculpture by Yamato

The place is reddish …  stone, even the air seems to be wrapped in that color.

Like her hair. Long hair, of blood. Hair belonging to a woman of infinite beauty. A woman, The Woman … known to all as Lilith and also called the Great Mother.


—When we depart. When we decided not to follow the required dictation, when we protest against the imposition and broke the chains. When He lost his wings for us and they called us ‘Fallen’ ‘Banished’. When She also rejected the imposition and left the place she had been confined to. Since then, rejected, persecuted.




Many are the names of the True Mother.









Luz was before and now again Yamato puts us within reach of a new character from Malefic Time universe. It has already gone on sale Lilith a ¼ scale resin sculpture sculpted by Shin Tanabe.

Some pictures of the process:

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110 KATANAS in Print

110 Katanas already in the machines. It will come out soon!

Pruebas de impresion 110 Katanas

Pruebas de impresion aprobadas

Pruebas de impresion 110 Katanas

Pruebas de impresion 110 Katanas

In the workshop again to continue spotting papers and fabrics. Akelarre, third part of Malefic Time.

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We are what we are

—Are you gods?

—No. We are what we are – says bitterly – . But some love to use that title when they appear before you. Others… we fell.

—I saw a battle. I saw you raising a flag. I saw him tearing your wings off.

Lucifer looks at her with certain indolence. There is a shred of nostalgia in his lifeless eyes.

—That was a long time ago…

—That war continues. That’s why i’m here, isn’t it?

Lucifer turns around and raises an eyebrow.

—Long ago I absolved myself of world affairs.

—You’re not like I expected.


—Yeah, pretty much.

—Here you have the great Lucifer – adds with distressed grandiloquence -. The evil scourge, the great fear of humanity. For ages we have fought to Anu and Marduk, their ability to manipulate to their convenience. To present his speech as the only valid. Ages ago I also got tired. Sorry for the disappointment.

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