Malefic Time: Plenilunio, a great addition to the project. Last 12,13 and 14 December in Madrid at Expocómic took place the expected launch of role playing game Malefic Time: Plenilunio. Like the manga SOUM by Kenny Ruiz showed us the life in Japan with cults, clans and fantasy creatures that inhabit it, or Jesus Vilches in Codex: Apocalypse that revealed in detail the events that took place in New York, in the game Malefic Time : Plenilunio we will have the opportunity to observe these and many other world events from the perspective of a survivor who tries to thrive in the shade of solar and lunar in the year 2033.

Cover and interior of Malefic Time: Plenilunio

Based on this well defined post apocalyptic world NoSoloRol editions has managed to fit the environment and the role of the destiny in the actions of the protagonists. The characters that the players will bring to life in Plenilunio no normal humans, they are the harbingers of change, regardles if they want to or not. This responsibility that has fallen on them comes with certain incentives in the form of supernatural powers to assist them in fulfilling their duty.

Character illustrations from the Malefic Time: Plenilunio book

Plenilunio is simple, direct and made to be accessible to all audiences. One point worth noting is the mechanics of destiny, a common resource that must share the survivors. Each time a character makes use of this common reserve he gets closer to conclude its role in the story and thus be removed from play. In 224 color pages that make up the tome you will find two detailed chapters on the setting, a chapter of the game for the director and an initial adventure. Online PDF sample:

Last but not least important after the presentation and signing sessions of past comics fair in Madrid Expocómic, we would like to thank NoSoloRol, the whole team for their enthusiasm, professionalism and organization, and to all of you that were able to attend the event. We leave you with some pictures of the event and the splendid Luz cosplay. Also we encourage you to embody more characters from Malefic Time for upcoming events!

Signatures Luis Royo Expocómic Madrid

Luis Royo, Manuel Sueiro, Javier Charro

Luz (Hele Synthoid) & Luis Royo

Luz (Hele Synthoid) & Luis Royo

Luz (Hele Synthoid), fotografía tomada por Miguel Angel Centeno

Luz (Hele Synthoid), photography by Miguel Angel Centeno


This past weekend (October 31) the first public game of Malefic Time: Plenilunio took place in Frikiolimpiadas, in Madrid, thanks to NOSOLOROL editions.


Recently we announced that we would giveaway 15 signed laminae on our facebook page as we reach 9000 followers.

Today we have reached this goal, the giveaway is on, do not miss your chance.


Malefic Time: Plenilunio a world of Survivors

Malefic Time: Plenilunio (Full Moon), role-playing game, is taking shape with each passing day. A “friendly” survivor pities us and takes a moment to warn about the dangers ahead.

From 2019 until now New York has been rotting. Such a large city requires many hands working to keep it afloat. I don’t only talk about police to keep order, but cleaning and maintenance. If you haven’t had to go down to the sewers … you’ve been lucky. I don’t understand how people can live there. The buildings have also been damaged, and the protests that took place in the twenties did not help to keep them standing. Many buildings are partially collapsed and there are few attempts to restore them. Only those in the territory of any group are preserved, because those in no man’s land could give clues to other survivors that you have valuable resources and they are worth stealing. Discretion is a valuable competency these days.

Malefic Time Project

The third book of Malefic Time is on the way, pages of Akelarre are all around the studio. But before revealing anything let’s take a look at the Malefic story from its beginning.

2015 Calendar Malefic Time

2015 is coming, only 3 pages left. But all of them with beautiful illustrations from Malefic Time.

Cover of Malefic Time Calendar 2014Back side of Malefic Time 2014 Calendar

For this next year, we can enjoy a new edition of calendars from HEYE. In a new format 70 x 50 centimeters that include 12 different images printed at full page. We already have ours.

Cover of Malefic Time Calendar, year 2015

2015 Calendar Malefic Time, January2015 Calendar Malefic Time, February

2015 Calendar Malefic Time, March2015 Calendar Malefic Time, April

2015 Calendar Malefic Time, May2015 Calendar Malefic Time June

2015 Calendar Malefic Time July2015 Calendar Malefic Time August

2015 Calendar Malefic Time September2015 Calendar Malefic Time October

2015 Calendar Malefic Time November2015 Calendar Malefic Time December

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The winged creatures that describes the American in his stories, angels embodied in illustrations. Beings foreign to our world living in our society. The American did not specify where and when they first appeared. Have you tried searching for “Anunnaki” on the internet?

Some “experts” say that they want the gold from our planet. Apparently, this mineral needed to restore the atmosphere of their home world and to protect them from ultraviolet rays. Is it a coincidence that the Vatican has accumulated almost a quarter of all the gold in the world?

As a delirium of a madman who says that he comes from the future, there is too much information today. Many are wrong, they will know soon …

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